13k Giveaway

GUYS! I've hit 13k and I can hardly believe it! You all are so amazing and I am super thankful for you all!


On to the giveaway...I'm going to do something different this time. I'm offering 13 different prizes (yep, 13!) but I'm hosing them all in the same giveaway. Sadly, not all prizes can be International  (because I'm US based and shipping is crazy expensive bleh!). You'll notice on the giveaway entries that it's required to follow me (thank you) and then to list your country. This is ONLY for choosing prizes so I can make sure that if you win you get an international prize :) I'll basically go down the list of prizes, pick a winner and, if it's a match (ie:  an international winner with a prize that can be shipped internationally etc.) then that's the winner!



- Giveaway runs March 10 to March 24th at 12 am EST | Winners chosen and announced the 25th

- Open Internationally (for the international prizes)

- Use the Rafflecopter form to enter

- If you do the re-post option make sure you use the hashtag: #CER13kGiveaway


Things of note:

- Mug winner must be able to receive shipments from Society6 (please check before entering & see mug options here)

- Winners must be 18+ or have permission from a parent/guardian to share address

- If I don't hear back from winner by March 27th 6pm EST I will pick a new winner


Prizes in no particular order:

*I denotes a prize that can be shipped internationally


1. Mug from my Society6 shop (I)

2. The Books are Calling notebook from my Redbubble shop

3. Currently Reading bookmark (currently out of print/limited edition) (I)

4. Book Lovers Coffee 2oz coffee

5. Just Read Bookmark (currently out of print/limited edition) (I)

6. Bookstagram Buddy Box from my Etsy Shop

7. Harry Potter Stag Bookmark (currently out of print/limited edition) (I)

8. One 5x5 Print (winners choice) (I)

9. Harry Potter Hedwig Bookmark (I)

10. One 8x10 Print from my Etsy shop

11. #Bookstagram Bookmark (I)

12. Cozy from The Cozy Life

13. Surprise prize (trust me, you'll like this)